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Mission Statement

To supply premium quality fruit for the Domestic Market and ever expanding Overseas Market!

About Keenan Produce

Paul Keenan (Managing Director) created Keenan Produce in 1996.

Paul began supplying the local market of Australia with quality citrus, but recognised the potential to Export the fruit he was marketing and within the first year of operation Paul had developed Export contacts and began entering their market.

Being situated in the Riverina, Keenan Produce is in an excellent position for both the Domestic and Export Market as Griffith is situated in the centre of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, as you can see on the map below.

Since 1996 Keenan Produce has expanded to supplying customers in more than 12 countries worldwide, including Canada, Japan and England.

Each country has its own requirements for fruit to enter their zone. Keenan Produce's staff are constantly following each Countries requirements and specifications as they are continuously changing. Paul spends time with the farmers to ensure the pesticides and sprays used on the Farm's are approved by the countries we Export to.

Paul travels overseas to meet with his customers on a regular basis, seeing first hand the quality of our products as they are arriving and researching ways to keep improving our standards. Paul also follows each Countries market, making sure he is supply them at the correct time of our season and making sure the market is not flooded.

Every year Keenan Produce expands and exceeds the Export standards.

Keenan Produce is centrally located between a number of major Australian centres.